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Canada Women determined to retain the trophy

Mon, Jun 15, 2009 9:29 AM

Interview with Canada Women's captain, Joanna White

How has the team prepared for the event?

Our players have been working on their fitness and indoor drills over winter. We took a full squad of players on a 10-day tour to Trinidad in April 2009 and played three games there as part of our pre-tournament preparations.

Who are your key players in the team?

Cricket is a team game and I truly believe that every single member of our squad has a critical role to play in a successful tournament. We are hoping for good performances from senior players such as Mona Persaud (all rounder), Kim Coulter (batter), Desh Yahathugoda (bowler) and Meara Crawford (bowler) to bring out the best of the team's new talent.

What are your expectations for the tournament?

I expect the team to give its very best in every single game in the tournament and represent Canada with pride and passion. It is our goal to retain the America's Championship Title and be able to compete for the America region's place in the ICC Women's World Cup Qualifier.

How popular is women's cricket in your country?

Women's cricket is still a developing sport in Canada. However, we have definitely seen a growth in the number of people expressing an interest in the game. We are continuing to try to promote cricket to the younger generation in schools.

What challenges do you face in the growth of the game?

The biggest challenge that we face in Canada as a national team is our geography. As a result of the size of the country, it is difficult for us to facilitate training all together. Also, there are many other prominent sports that dominate the sports scene in Canada in the summer months. Recruiting players from other sports can be a challenge.

Do you dream of playing in the ICC Women's World Cup?

I believe that anyone who is passionate about or has played any kind of competitive sport has dreamed of playing in the pinnacle event for their chosen game. The ICC Women's World Cup is the most prestigious tournament and represents the highest level of competition in women's cricket so it would most definitely be a dream come true to be playing in that kind of arena.

You had won the ICC Americas Women's Championship in 2007. Are you confident of repeating your success in this event?

Absolutely, we have a talented bunch of players that are determined to do their very best in the tournament and I believe that we have the ability to bring the trophy back to Canada. Can't wait for it to start!

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